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Thursday, March 10, 2005

3rd time the charm?

Is anyone else out there having AWFUL TROUBLE with Blogger these past two days?

Blogger has crashed everytime I write this and it's been lost each time. Hmph.)
Upside of Anger Movie Poster

Here's the review of The Upside Of Anger as promised 2 days ago!
It's dark, full of turmoil - - - and I liked it!
You can all read the general premise - but don't read too many -- just go and see for yourself. I also fear that reading too many reviews will tell too much and give away the moments that made it such a nice change. It's not a funny film, though there are funny moments (Moviefone bills it as a romantic comedy?) -- it really is rather painful at times too. You begin to really feel for the charaters - whether it's sorrow or hatred. I enjoyed the cast of characters quite a lot.

Favorite moments (without giving anything away):
- Terry (Joan Allen) telling off the boyfriend of her daughter at the wedding (and vice versa).
- Denny (Kevin Costner) hiding in his yard.
- The hospital scene with Terry and Emily (Keri Russell).

Watch Trailer

Tonight will be FUN!
My girlfriend Morgan is coming to have tea (she's just getting over a lingering cold and I'm refusing the offer of Drinks to mother her into having tea!) Then Dmitri (BF) is coming over and we're off for dinner at my local YUMMY Curry House, Indian Cafe. Bring on The Naan and the Tikka Masala!

Hip hip Hooray! My Messenger service finally arrived today and picked-up/delivered the 2 samples of the 2 designs I sold to an upcoming book! Yippee! And no, I don't know the name of the book yet. I'll let you know when I can! Now to sit and work on the one outstanding design that I want to submit to another publication. Phew!

I'm off tomorrow for a loooong loooong meeting...back on Saturday (because I don't want to drive home in the wee hours in the midst of a snow storm!) I may actually have a few minutes to peek into an antique store or two (keep those fingers crossed!) near the meeting!

Have a great Thursday Y'all!


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