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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Good Morning From China!
Today's post will bounce around a little -- I've a few things on my mind (when jetlag doesn't have my brain on pause.)
Some humorous, some political, some trivia...and yes...a bit of knitting goes!

Eggs-actly - just in time for Easter!

peeptopiary This - This made me laugh very hard!
For full instructions, head on over to the clever
and chic Naive Knitting.
What is it you ask?
This is the BEST use for Peeps I've ever seen.

Enough Already with Martha!
martha poncho
This morning reading posts by Jessica over at Zarzuela, I ran across a great site: Manolo's Shoe Blog...and a post he'd made on his old site (he just moved.) Where I got this photo... Cracked me up! The No-Poncho Pledge - - go read it - darn funny!
You know -- traveling here to China I got 3 comments on the scarf I was knitting...
all three were the same --
"Oh, Are you knitting a Martha Poncho???"
NO - I AM NOT KNITTING that horrible number! ICK!
It's nice that she accepted and wore a gift that was made for her - but why suddenly does that mean that everyone needs one? (Sorry - had to get that off my chest.)
It was just so odd that everyone asked the same question...although one person followed her question with "She's my hero."
To each there own.

Oooh la-chocolate-la!
Japanese chocolates
Upon arriving at my factory here in China, I got a package from my Japan office with some work in it -- and also some lovely looking chocolate fun! Thanks Reiko for adding these in! She added a note saying that she hadn't even tried them yet as they just came out! I plan to open and share with my team here this afternoon and tomorrow! I'll let you know how they are! :-)

Still number 1 but now also number 23Statue of Liberty
Although NYC is still the most expensive city in the USA to live in, due to the weakness of our dollar, we're now ranked the 23rd most expensive city in the world to live in, under such places as Tokyo (1), Osaka & Kobe (tied for 2), Paris (3), London (7) and Hong Kong (12). Which also means we get completely shagged when we travel to most countries other than ours! I suppose this may help US tourism?

Who is Jiang Yanyong?
Tuesday, Jiang Yanyong was released from house arrest where he has been since July of 2004. Who is Jiang Yanyong? He's the doctor that alerted the world that hospitals in China were under reporting the number of Sars cases during the Sars outbreak...or as written in todays' South China Morning Post, "...the military doctor who blew the whistle on the cover-up of the mainland Sars outbreak.
So let me get this straight...he was first jailed then moved to house arrest where his phone was tapped and mail read all because he allerted the world to just HOW terrible epedemic was at hand?

Shouldn't he be thanked?

"He did not receive any punishment by the party or the military. However, it is understood there are still several conditions the doctor has to meet, including no media interviews. He, his family members and relatives are not allowed to discuss or write anything reguarding his situation under shuanggui - a Communist Party procedure which requires the subject to report to investigators at specific times and locations." Reads the South China Morning Post.

So - he's now "free" to come and go from his house, but he isn't free to speak his mind. Let's hope they soon allow him to see patients again, "...which is what he most wants to do."

HELP! Have you seen this?

stack and nest cups

My friend Linda is an Occupational Therapist, working with young childer (often terminally ill children.) She has been using this toy: Fisher-Price Sesame Street Stack and Nest Cups. She recently ended up leaving this toy with one child who seemed to find such joy playing with it --- but now she can't find another and she uses it a lot in her therapies! HELP! Please let me know if you know where she can buy a new one? Thanks!

Since most of you have tomorrow off - being Good Friday (Although if I WERE home, my office doesn't take Good Friday off) - enjoy your day off!


Blogger Lauren said...

Hey Kimberli! Interesting story about the doctor and the SARS... I remember you mentioned on your last trip about the censored news media...

the peep topiary is great. Martha(the Naive Knitting blogger) is very crafty--did you see her cool monkey pillow? :)

I got your email about the interviews, and I will think up some questions this weekend and will get back to you, k?

Have a great time in China! :)

7:33 AM

Blogger Zarzuela said...

Hey! Your welcome for the Manolo link. :) So glad there are others out there with the same feelings about *her*.

The peep topiary is hillarious! You may see that on my blog. ;)

Interesting story about the dr. too. As much as most of us bitch about what's going on in the US right now, kinda makes you glad to live here doesn't it?


9:21 AM

Anonymous Martha said...

Hi Kimberli,

Thanks for mentioning the Peep topiary! And thanks for your offer to tip me off to the cool NYC palces. I LOVE New York. I will continue to read through your blog because I see you do mention restaurants. I am most interested in craft/art places. And any cool one of a kind shops. We will be staying at the Algonquin.

Your blog is really interesting. I can't wait to spend more time reading it.

10:45 AM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

great post! it is amazing, what happened to jiang yanyong.

ugh -- sorry about the martha questions! yikes.
i will be on the lookout for the stacking cups. OT is such a wonderful career. I thought about it for a while.

Have a great weekend!

12:54 PM

Anonymous nasheikah said...

Hi , Kim you are so righ t, I have caught a case of yarnitis !!! aaaaghhh !!! funny , this illness doesn't feel soo bad .. lol ! what do you do , are you over seas working ? seems so interesting and fun !!!!! Well enjoy your week end ~ loving your blog

7:59 PM

Anonymous Lynn said...

I found a set of the stacking cups on ebay that ends sometime today...

1:26 PM


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