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Monday, December 18, 2006

Cocktails anyone?
Tonight I swung by The Union League Club here in NYC for a holiday cocktail party thrown by American Color (their photographer, Jim, and his team shot my upcoming catalog).


Very GOB (good ole boy) and very historical (Click the link above to read about it's history.) Upon entering through the revolving door, my boss wasn't noticed but I was looked at and told which floor I was to go to... I immediately felt like I was a guest, not a member... Not saying that as though it were a bad thing at ALL. The dark wood paneling and staff in their uniforms... Getting off the elevator on the second floor I was greeted buy many dark wood, glass front cases containing memorabilia from wars past. (Medals, figurines etc.)
The spread and drinks were lovely and it was good to see the team from American Color again. A great bunch that I highly reccomend if you are in need of a photograher in NYC!!

I dashed from there up to

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