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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The iTunes Battle

Has anyone else had trouble with iTunes lately? Suddenly today my iTunes crashed and wiped out it's connection to my iTunes library... I mean I still had the music files loaded in but there was no connection to iTunes. This involved upgrading (reloading) everything (hours)... Which I had to do to set up iTrip for my travels later this week. I had just finished loading in a number of comedy shows to keep me company on the long drives ahead.

After all was running I left work around 10pm to let it all run (sync) over night.

I DID get the very last of my gifts wrapped tonight!!

Oh, and my PT is moving along VERY VERY well. I'm healing well. Feeling more functionality back in both the hip and shoulder. Yeah!! I highly recommend Activa Physical Therapy here in NYC if anyone is looking for a PT!

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