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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Girl Day Saturday
I am blessed with knowing some of the nicest women there are.

Michelle and I met for brunch at 107 West. Yum!! Always tasty! I love their buttermilk biscuits and muffins that come to the table rather than a bread basket. They always serve a fresh fruit salad on the side of yout brunch too! Yum!!

We next wandered up and checked out the new After saying goodbye to Michelle and having a short rest and some present wrapping, I headed downtown to the Dos Caminos. Miki had gone along ahead to put our name on the list for a table... but they wouldn't allow her to put her name on said list because we all weren't there yet...even though the wait would be at least 20 minutes. When Allegra and I arrived we talked to the front desk woman who had been described to us as having eyes so clear you could see straight through her empty head.
Not nice, I know...but sadly it appeared to be correct. Meanwhile others were put on this list, men, who were not all there but were ushered to the bar for drinks in the meantime. After some chatting we were told they would seat us. We only were still there as my friends were really craving some of the food -- this being my first time, I chose to follow their lead rather than insisting we leave. As we were seated they told us we had just over an hour before we'd need to vacate the table as they'd need it for 8:30pm. Again...against my inner voice we sat.
Ben was a very witty, charming and good waiter. Ben brought us our round of cocktails and the appetizers we ordered. Ben was ALSO not happy when we asked for the bill before having entrees or even dessert as we shared with him our front-desk imposed time deadline...
...especially as we looked around and saw a dozen empty tables.
Hopefully Ben put in a few words to the front desk in case any of you choose to go here.

The food was tasty enough -- but I won't go back with a snot like that at the front desk. It wasn't NEARLY that good!

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