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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yeah!!! Tonight was Darlene's opening at the Morgan Lehman Studio! Yeah!!! (Click on the underlined light blue text above to jump to her flickr page of photos from the gallery!)
It's been on my calander for weeks now and was it ever a fun night!! Michelle was free and joined the fun!
Not only is Darlene as sweet as ever - but her art! Wow! It's so shiny and happy.

I only wish I'd had the money to buy a piece!!!

It was so wonderful seeing so many folks that I haven't seen in years! Besides Darlene, chatting with Brent, Marc, Amber, Jeff Bunny and finally meeting Leslie.

Dinner afterwards was Michelle, Marc and I (photos to follow... I've misplaced the file???)

Seeing all of this bright and shiny art has inspired me...
...I need to pull out my pad and get creating again!

Thanks Darlene!!! Mwah!

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