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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Number 2
What a day!

I met Dan for Dim Sum in Chinatown for the start of Date #2.

Yummy Dim Sum followed by a walk through Chinatown, a spot of shopping (bought a fun gunmetal silver dress) all on our way to 11 Spring Street.

11 Spring Street is the location of a building that has been filled with street art by artists that flew in from all parts of the globe. It was open free to the public Friday through today ONLY. Then the owner plans to convert it into condos and most all of the art will be covered up behind the new walls.

After waiting over 4 hours in line, we were in the last 12 people to gain entry! Wow! Dan had been the day before as well, so he has many more photos of it than I do (see them here).

I've scattered a few of my photos around this entry (for more see my flickr page).

It was...! Even some floors and ceilings... everywhere you looked someone had created something beautiful, interesting... moving!

This was my favorite piece. As the crowd dispersed and folks left, I planted myself in front of this wall and just stared at it until I had to leave.

For more on 11 Spring Street, see their own Flickr page and check out the Wooster Collective.

The date ended with a lovely dinner in Little Italy at Benito's.
We both agreed that the Marinara there was some of the best we've ever had!!!

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Blogger CHIC-HANDSOME said...

good year

4:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this looks like an amazing thing to see. I like that it was a temporary thing and that it will be covered and lost... it ads something magical to it.

I am glad to hear you and Dan are taking baby steps again....
Wishing you all the love and peace in the new year~

6:05 PM


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