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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Off to see the Wizard…
This morning was the handoff. Dan’s daughter M will be with Dan (and myself for much of it) until early August!
On our way in the morning, M took some photos including this one of me knitting – that’s still sock #1 of the Jaywalkers! It’s moving right along! What a lovely way to begin the day!

Our first stop of the day was for a visit with Dan’s Father. I was happy to meet his friend Wanda who visits daily. Thanks Wanda! Dan’s sister, her fiancé and her four children also met us there. A full house indeed. After our visit we were on to stop #2…meeting Dan’s Mom and her husband Doc along with spending some time with Dan’s sister and her family.

Upon arrival, Dan’s Mom had a spread lain out for us to nibble on all afternoon. Thanks!

There was even time for some sprinkler running, hacky sack playing and horse shoe throwing!
Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Dan’s other sister. Perhaps next time!

It was a long day and another flight tomorrow!
Back to NYC for one and all!


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