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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Busy busy busy!
These past few weeks my time has been taken up by a few things...

Work - shooting my catalog for Spring/Summer 2007

Gardening - the garden's now fairly well done with what we have for the garden... A few plants will need replacement as we learn the kitties habits...(They jump onto and off of the fences in certain places-squishing the plants that are there.) Dan has done a grande amount of work on the garden. It looks GREAT!MWAH!

Travel - a business trip to London launching my new line to thankfully rave reviews! (Phew!) I remembered my camera but forgot the memory stick. Duh. So no fun photos of the trip. It was my assistant's first trip out of the US...first passport...first passport stamp. Watching her brought a bit of the fun back to the traveling. I took her to Harrod's (of course) and Harvey Nichols...sadly meetings kept us from Topshop. Now I'm starting to plan my next round of trips. Soon it'll REALLY get busy!

The World Cup - I've watched as many games as possible (thank you Dan's Tivo!)

Theatre --
History Boys:
Very good! Very entertaining! Interesting set, talented cast!
Well done on the 6 Tony Awards including the one for Best Play!

The Wedding Singer: funny and entertaining-- especially if you were a child/teen/20 something in the 80s! The new songs are fun. Check out the vocabulary sectionof their website. It's Rockin'! There was a pack of 13yr olds sitting behind us who thought "it was the best show EVER" and that the dance moves were "COOL!" Running Man or Moon Walk anyone?

Avenue Q: I went with my out of town guests and Dan. There's a reason it won a Tony for best Musical a few years ago -- damn it's funny!! Let me restate here that it is NOT a children's show, puppets or not. Do NOT bring your kids unless you want to explain the puppets sexual orientation and habits etc to them. It's very adult -- and damned funny!

Pig Farm:We saw this last night...the last show of the season by the Roundabout Theatre group. It was...odd. Entertaining. Odd. A dark comedy - we did laugh....but it was odd.

Company - two old friends - Jen (I've known since kindergarden) & Kate (I've known since High School) - came to town for a few days! What fun!! Here's a photo of them in the garden (left with the kitties) at my place as we have some champagne & snacks before seeing Avenue Q. Sadly that's the only photo I've taken of the garden yet -- if I get home early enough tonight I'll take some more to post!

Monday brought the completion of two knit designs submitted to a book...
Keep those fingers crossed!

And a few more in the works.
Thanks to Pearl over at Knitty City for allowing me to hog the swift/winder to roll the 25+ hanks of Cascade 220 for the projects (all that for an intarsia swatch!)

If you're in NYC and haven't stopped by there, GO! Down to earth folks and a great selection of yarn and books!
Books -- I picked up AlterKnits & Mason Dixon there too. I'd been so good on my yarn diet.

Back at the ranch, I've been clearing out my downstairs a bit at a time...
Got rid of this sad matressless frame on Freecycle:

And replaced it with this: (that's not at my house)

And I've been adding books to my bookshelf over at Bookcrossing...including a number of them that I'm looking to pass along to someone else!

Phew! That's a lot! I may stop by the American Museum of Arts and Crafts tonight to see Nikki Epstein... let's see what time I'm done here.


Anonymous Jen said...

Your friends are gorgeous!
hee hee
Thanks again!!! xo

5:44 PM


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