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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Congratulations Heidi and Mac!

We landed in Portland, OR with a few hours to kill (since we were on a 6:30am flight!) After a brief wander around Portland, we stopped into Roses for breakfast! That is one yummy dish Dan has before him!

Cinnamon Roll French Toast -- YUM!

No need for syrup - although I spilled mine on top and he poured his before realizing that it would be overly sweet. Thankfully I only ordered the half beat me for sure!

We continued along for a wander into a few boutiques for a bit of leisurely shopping before hitting the Banana Republic outlet.

(OR has no sales tax like NH has no sales tax! Yippee!)

Then it was on to the hotel to change and dash to the wedding - which we arrived at just in time! The wedding was beautiful! Congratulations to Heidi and Mac!

It was lovely to meet so many people that Dan cares so much about. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome! I was also pleasantly surprised to find out a few of you had checked me out already by reading this blog! Apparently I'd been Googled!
Too funny! I hope I passed the test as I do care for Dan so much!

The night was filled with food, stories and dancing to a wonderful band from Portland called Trash Can Joe -- many of the instruments were made from trash can parts and other found object. Very cool band!

Need a good nights sleep – tomorrow’s another big day!
(I meet some of Dan’s family!)


Blogger ViajeraClaire said...

Hi Kimberli........
Meg's gramma Claire, here, just saying it was a pleasure to meet you. We're big fans of Dan, so it's pretty darn nice to see him so happy!

Enjoy your time with Meg.....and give her a hug from me.

Thanks for the allows me to take a peripatetic peak into Dan's life once in a while, which I wouldn't get otherwise!

Love your hats! Claire

3:13 PM


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