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Friday, June 23, 2006

Show your Desk Friday...

I saw this in an old post by Hop Skip Jump...who by the way has some adorable little beasts in the making!

It is called the cave as I'm surrounded on 3 sides...

This is what my desk looks like as I:
* Wrap up Spring/Summer 2007 Betmar & Plaza Suite collections (yes that's two computers for two separate projects in work.)
* Work on two different private label projects (bags)
* Start working on designing Autumn/Winter 2007
* randomly get knitting ideas as the day moves along

I can say that all food on the desk is new (today) -- THAT is somethign I just can not do -- leave food out. Ick!

One of these days there will be furniture purchased for my new office that has been sitting vacant for...ugh... over 6 months now. :-(

Back into my cave I go.


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