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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Better Cheek Bones than I've Got!

Last night, after dashing out of the office to set up the last bits of summer daycamp stuff for Dan's daughter, I raced downtown to meet up with friends.

Firstly Jennifer and I had a wonderful dinner at a neighborhood bistro called Landmarc. Yummy! We shared everything (so we could try more things.) This included: the chopped salad: (celery, cucumber, hearts of palm, beets, balsamic vinaigrette); warm goat cheese profiteroles with herb and roasted red pepper salad; grilled quail with sauteed mushrooms, bacon and cherry tomatoes and a dessert tasting plate with small portions of these: creme brulee, blueberry crumble, nutella ├ęclair, lemon tart, chocolate mousse and tiramisu...which we were NOT able to finish!

They don't serve wine by the glass, instead by the half bottle as VERY resonable prices. A half bottle being 2-2.5 glasses we paid $12 per half bottle. It allows you to easily change wines by course. YUM! I also liked the decor...we sat upstairs where it was more airy and light filled, as well as more quiet. The staff was attentive and swift - not pushy and allowed us to order a little at a time and figure out as we went if we wanted more courses. If you're in Tribecca, check out Landmarc, you'll be glad you did. I've read on Strong Buzz (you know I love that website!) that they will be opening another location in the Time Warner building targeted for Spring 2007.

From there we walked a few blocks to join friends at The Knitting Factory (a bar/club) to see a trifecta of bands. We missed most all of the first band.
The second band, Blow up Hollywood - was good. They have 3 cellists in the band as well as more traditional rock band instruments. The third band, The Rogue Elephant had been decsribed to us as the "Hot Model Boy Band"... so we thought we'd all stick around to see how they were. The lead singer looked as though he was trying to emulate Ashton Kutcher and the other members joined him in having WAY better cheek bones than I do! In fact, as the crowd rotated to see this band the quantity of excellent cheekboned lads in the audience was rather overwhelming. Audiences seeing bands out on a Monday night in NYC are generally NOT that attractive... especially after having seen 2 bands prior and consuming one or more beverages. I handed Michelle my camera and she took a ton of photos...including the two above. That said...the band wasn't very good. Their name - Rogue Elephant - refers to a lone, violently aggressive wild elephant, separated from the rest of the herd... I don't get it.

With all of my subwaying around I did make some progress on the Jaywalker sock too!

All in all a lovely night!

Tonight I've go SO MUCH to do at home to get ready for my travels this week and Dan's daughter's month long visit.


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