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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm Back -- alive and well!

What an insanely busy few weeks!
Let's see how fast I can sum up! (in semi-random order...)

We saw Three Penny Opera (on Broadway) was one of the worst shows I've ever seen. It was a new version, in English, and although there were a few very entertaining moments, there was also some very 0bad casting. Cindy Lauper was entertaining as was Anna & Jim... And Isaac Mizrahi looks like he had a ball with the costuming (I'd LOVE to get my hands on the trench coat Ms. Lauper wore! YUMMY!). Sadly, Alan Cummings was a true dissapointment, and Nellie McKay was far from convincing -- definately not showing the audience ANY reason to purchase her new album.

The bamboo fencing for the raised bed arrived! Yeah, and Dan's daughter came to visit for Memorial Day Weekend. As you can see she dove in to help with the garden, or atleast trimming the bulbs! :-) It was her first time seeing my place and meeting the boys (kitties -- who slept next to & snuggled her all night!) She couldn't get enough of trying on hats galore from my overflowing workroom!

We checked out Corteo, the latest Cirque du Soliel tour, which was entertaining as always. Monday brought a picnic in Riverside Park followed by gong to see Monday Night Magic (photo below), the longest running magic show in their 10th year! They have a pool of 100+ magicians and each Monday night, while Broadway is dark, they present a great show of 3 magicians!

Before flying home, Dan and his daughter met me for lunch and she got to preview the new line, critiquing it quite well (with a complaint that the handbags were just TOO BIG for her! Hmph! Very funny!

Time to dive in to wrap up preporations for shooting the next catalog (Spring/Summer 2007! YEOWZAH!) It'll be a busy few weeks - in my near future -- a trip to London (to present the new line) and old friends coming to town for a weekday visit!
Work must come first though!


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

sounds like a fantastic few weeks! glad that dan's daughter got see see the place and bond with you a bit :)

3:12 PM

Blogger J. said...

looks like fun was had and the garden looks great.

6:43 PM


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