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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You Go Ladies!

Today I just want to congratulate some amazing women...

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, left, such a brave woman and now the first female president of Liberia.

Michelle Bachelet , right with her daughter, is now the first female president of Chile. As She said herself: "Who would have thought, just five years ago, that Chile would have a woman president?"

And lastly...
Felicity Huffman for her Golden Globe for her role in TransAmerica. I'm not saying that wining a Golden Globe is as earth shattering as being the first woman president... but... She did a FANTASTIC job! Go see it - she's amazing!

On a completely other note...How did Mariah Carey THINK she looked good in her Golden Globes gown? I didn't get to see them but I'm cringing all the way from China!!! She needs to fire every person who told her "Oh Ms. M -- you look fabulous!" Fire them. Now.

Anyone who knows me knows that I think women should EMBRACE their curves... that is EMBRACE not EMBARRASS... when you put on a dress and it pulls like that...PUT IT BACK. Money doesn't buy a good stylist.


Blogger Sorka said...

Did you happen to see Mariah on New Years Eve?? UGH! Even all the little girls in the room with me were saying so.. Put some clothes on woman!
anyway.. hey a question... where in the world can one see/buy your hats? I am just curious!

10:02 AM


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