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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Destination 2006 - First Stop: Hong Kong
My view from the plane at Newark... buckled in and ready to go! Watched 3 great episodes of House and knitted... er... frogged... er...knitted besides 7-8 hours of sleep. Also me a fun gal who happens to live near to me in NYC! We hopefully will keep in touch!

Landed in Hong Kong and took the speed train into the city followed by a cab to my hotel. Changed at rapid pace and zoomed over to AQUA to meet up with Tony and Mag for dinner. AQUA's menu is Italian and Japanese... we ordered up a mix of both! (YUM!!)

We began with a sashimi course including scallop, sea snail and an AMAZING cut of Toro (fatty tuna). Also had a wonderful chef's roll with salmon and some secret and amazing ingrediants. For the Italian starter we had an Australian Lamb carpaccio (a favorite of mine) with fresh parmasian shavings, rocket and an amazing truffle oil! YUM! Perfect with my Grey Goose cosmopolitan martini!
We ate all dishes family style so that we could all share them!
Next came the pasta course with Mantis Prawns & scallops in a light pesto sauce, the paper thin crust pizza with 3 cheese and italian sausage, the Noro-wrapped salmon with onions and finally the beef wrapped aubergine (eggplant) in a delicate sauce. The main courses went well with the bottle of Chianti we pollished off!
Dessert - we all shared a warm chocolate caked with a hot/runny chocolate center and homemade caramel ice cream...and decaf coffees all around! YUM!

Awoke this morning to pack, grab a wonderful breakfast, a few CDs at HMV and my car to China. Of course I did knit on much of the ride! See! I have been using my turbos on this's amazing how much faster they are to use than the wooden ones...but I stilol prefer the feel of the wood in my hands!

This is the right front (with the button holes...which is why I had to frog...I realized that I'd forgotten to put them in about 12 rows back!)

S'OK...fixed without a problem. I do wonder if the left and right will look of equal guage...I haven't finished the left front -- but have been doing themon Wooden needles. I forgot (horror!) my knitting under my desk one night last week and was itching to work on it, so I grabbed my Turbos and the original pattern that were at home and had at it... I would need to frog the left side and do over with my Turbos if they don't match up --- I'll have to check it out later... to much to handle now!

Sadly I won't get to see the Hong Kong Knitteratti this trip as last night was my ONLY night in HK... :-( I do hope to see them in March though!! I'll leave from here (China) and go straight to the HK airport and home.

Back to work I go...time to design me some hats for Spring/Summer 2007!

PS... I LOVE the new "DIRTY DISHES" by Cynthia Rowley... They go into the I want catagory...cute pin-up bathing bottomed gals with hats on! Makes me long for summers in the garden already!


Anonymous ck said...

That meal looks/sounds amazing!

3:41 AM

Blogger Lolly said...

Hope you have a fun and productive time in Asia, Kimberli! Great pics ;)

LOVE the dishes - those are so cute!

11:54 AM

Blogger J. said...

glad youa re well, say hi to Asia for me, can I come in your suitcase on that next trip!

5:56 PM


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