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Monday, January 16, 2006

You name it - we've got it!

Frog Pond - a repeat visit!!!
So...I did it again...I forgot to put in the damn buttonhole. So I got to frog, add the button hole and knit back up to where I'd begun. Such non-progess efforts will NEVER allow this sweater to get done!!!

Last night we ventured out to the North American restaurant in Dongguan. It's been open for 2 years now...and for the local standards it's a very VERY fine restaurant. It falls around the standards of a diner perhaps --- although one with a wine list mind you. As in Hong Kong, most of the musical tallent in China is provided by folks from the Phillipines. This restaurant, with it's South Western decor, it no exeption. One moment we'd hear him singing "Look at us Baby, up all night"...the next minute it's a little WHAM! or Ricky Martin. All with his synthisizer. He's quite good! That's the back of one of the chairs you see in the photo -- they seem to emmulate wagon wheels.

On my 14 hour stay in HK I hit the HMV sale (as previously mentioned) and I picked up a STACK of new CDs...
I've some very certain oppinions of what I've listened to so far.
Gwen Stefani's album Love, Angel, Music, Baby... I now firmly know that I ain't no holla back girl, and that I'm getting old.

Funniest song goes to Clémentine and her album “made in France”. It's a Bossa Nova album with a version of Itsi Bitsi Petit Bikini (Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini) that just makes me giggle hearing it in French...they try SO HARD to get it to rhyme!

Favorite old pal... Simplified by simply red. It's got a mellow tone that I can listen to while working on things that need my technical mind in check.
Listening to now... Emancipation - a 3CD album from Prince back in the days when he was "The Artist formerly known as..." It's an interesting mix of his styles from his usual dance sound to some jazz, as well as covers of a few classics.

On deck...

When I was a kid Richard Scarry was a favorite of mine...something which I've started to share with my niece.

This was a belated Christmas gift that arrived at my Mother's house after I left. Mom was kind enough to deliver it to my niece. The photo was emailed to me here in China today...

I just LOVE IT! Yes, the book is THAT BIG!


Blogger Celia said...

My kids LOVED Richard Scarry when they were little! And that IS the Biggest Word Book Ever. She looks like a happy reader.

11:50 AM

Anonymous Dani said...

How cool is that book? And yes, Im a fellow Richard Scarry fan too!

Lemme know how you like the Foo Fighters, Ive been dancing back and forth on grabbing it the past few weeks. (And no, you;re not getting old, the Gwen Stefani was less than goodness.)

Still freezing here BTW - no new ice, but 13 degrees when I woke up this morning!!

8:53 PM

Blogger Peggy said...

Wow, that bok is HUGE!
Just read your post on Dongguan...ahhhh so many memories. Great food but so dirty yucky gross!

10:05 PM


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