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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dongguan it
Sunday, January 15th - Dongguan, China.

The weather here in Dongguan is PERFECT today.
Absolutely perfect. 75F and sunny.

Traffic was a bit busy today as we zoomed along...but it's Sunday...this means we'll be in for it tomorrow when everyone's back to work.I went to the gym today. Yeah! I'm hoping to go daily...but that would mean I have to get out of work at a reasonable hour...time will tell. My days often end up looong...but I've tried to plan my time differently this trip.

The hotel gym is top notch! The tread mills even have individual TVs where the speakers only hit the person who's on that tread mill. Fantastic. For all I know most gyms have little neighborhood gym does not, which is fine. I listen to music and people watch on the street below, which can be better that TV!

The hotel is all dolled up in preparation for Chinese New Year! There are plant vendors (see above right)that we pass each day selling their CNY celebration plants. This will be the year of the Dog I think, I'll have to check. I wonder what festivities the local town has since most people working in the area are from Northern China and use the Chinese New Year break to visit up North. This is often the only time during the year that parents see their children, who are being raised by the Grand Parents while the parents work in Southern China to support the entire family.The landscape in this region is ever-changing.

Although there is a building seems to me that there is plenty of new construction constantly in the works! The mall across from my hotel will shortly be opened. The view of the lush green mountains now obstructed from my hotel room window by 3 story tall bill boards with Western women either dressing or undressing to show the bra and panty set worn beneath that blanket the outside of this mall.

Picture of the Day (or week depending upon what I see...)
This guy is toting a gas bottle on the back of his bicycle. If you have ever seen the traffic and driving patterns in this region of China, you'd know what a BAD idea that could be. I'm hoping he made it home unharmed. He still has nothing on the guy carrying 10 full water-cooler bottles or the guy with the 6 single-size mattresses though... but they wouldn't blow up if they were hit either...

And of course...I used my last bit of non-work time to hit the knitting, while listening to the Rolling Stones as i rode to work in the shockless van. The roads are getting better though...

For all of you bargain hunters...there is a Freecycle Free Meet coming up on January 21st. Of course, I'll still be here in China... but walk on over and check it out!
Bring the things from your home that are in good condition that you would want others to take home and/or simply go browse!

For more info, check out the Free Meet Info Site


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i like touring china :) those gas tanks are heavy when full, hope he didn't explode!

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