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Monday, January 09, 2006

Life is funny... Interesting...
And always shows us ways to be thankful for what we have.

I experienced all of these this weekend.

After months of stress and taking on multiple jobs at work I finally got the go ahead to continue interviews with a candidate I found for my assistant position. Keep those fingers crossed that all works out and I may have a new Assistant in early April! (I am traveling like a mad woman before then!)

The Launch -- a SUCCESS!
My agents from around the US all decended upon my NYC showroom on riday evening for the launch of my new line! It went over very well! We all journeyed over to Churrascaria Plataforma afterwards --- the food there is just NON STOP! And the "salad" bar -- complete with marinaded octopus, fine cuts of sashimi and delightful cheeses!
How does it work? First you take a trip to the salad bar... but for the meats, te action will begin upon returning to the table where you will find a coaster-sized disk at each seating, they will all be turned on the red side, giving you time to enjoy the first course.
As the salad quickly vanishes, side orders will be brought to the Table, such as mashed potatoes, white rice, beans, fried polenta, fried plantains, Fresh cassava meal called “farofa”, and an addictive cheese bread Called “pao de queijo”.
The main course, the highlight of the meal, will start when you flip your coaster-sized “chip” from the red side to the green side, signaling the meat cutter that you’re ready to be served. Add a "Caipirinha" (a concoction of fresh limes, sugar, ice and "cachaça" - Brazilian liquor made from raw sugar cane) which are made table side, and the fun really starts!
Not sure where to take those out of town guests --- the music and atmosphere are great - but make a reservation! This place is hoppin'!!

In Knitting news...
5 rows... 5 rows away from casting off the left front of my 1957 cardigan...
Let's take a good look at at -- right?
Of COURSE it's then that I realize in my sleepiness last week that I began the decreases for the armhole one round too early --- so what's a girl to do but spend her subway ride to Brooklyn frogging 1/2 of the piece. I'm back up and running again... (see photo right.) Phew!

Saturday was spen helping a dear friend in Brooklyn paint her studio apartment. She's had a lot trauma in her life lately and needed a change --- so - the brick red walls are now sunshine yellow with white trim!
We followed painting party with a trip to Cafe El Cubanito on Henry Street in Brooklyn. The pulled steak sandwich with the mango and cilantro was wonderful -- even without the mayonaise which I had to BEG them not to put on! The Ceviche appetizer was decent -- but the onions used had a bit too much of a bite and over powered the delicate lime flavor a little. Still enjoyable - but not nearly the best I've had. It's a cute little place, not expensive and worth a try! Don't pass up there Hot Cocoa if you like a Mexican flavoured (with cinnamon added) cocoa.
We followed dinner with a film -- Match Point -- Woddy Allen's new one --- I really liked it! I'm not always a W.A. fan...but he hit a homer with this one!

New Around Town:
If you're in NYC and wanting to see an
Check out FISH BOWL playing at the Michael Weller Theatre thru January 22. It was written by a friend of mine...and sadly I won't get a chance to see it before I fly off the China.
Plot: Six contestants are chosen at random to compete for 11 million dollars on the new reality television show, Fish Bowl. While they wait for the production team to arrive and give them instructions, panties are bunched, truths come out and murder becomes the name of the game. (insert evil laugh here) Fish Bowl, with its absurd satirical vision of Reality TV, asks: "How far will producers go for ratings? How far will contestants go for fame and fortune? And how far will we go to entertain you? We go a lot further then your highschool sweetheart let you go, we'll tell you that!"


Anonymous erin said...

Your 1957 cardigan is a beauty. Happy New Year, dear.

7:04 PM

Anonymous Amy said...

Your churrascaria dinner sounds great - I love doing those. The Caipirinha is such a fun drink - it is one of my standard summer drinks to make at home. Did your meat servers have the gaucho pants going for them?

6:51 PM


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