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Thursday, January 05, 2006

A little bit of New Years catch-up...'s 4pm and just Lunchtime...

Things that have happened in my life these past few no particular order:

* Stopped a fire (just in time) that had formed on my friends dresser (unattended candles are such a NO NO!) during a Christmas Party.

* 6 First Dates - no Second Dates

* Returned from my New England tour to find my kitties getting along even BETTER - they all have taken to pig-piling on top of me when I stretch out on the couch. They are always the cutest when it's just me and the camera is across the room!

* Had a New Years Eve that ranks up there with the bottom-most ever! To be fair...the evening began very nice with simple cocktails (left) -- but the end end of the night ended up being my hell.

* Enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Eve (right) and Christmas day with family and friends!

* Put out Cookies and Milk and a carrot for Santa and his Reindeer! YUM!

* Found a leak at my parents house JUST in time...PHEW!

* Visited with Joe and Kat -- Hello up there in Portsmouth, NH!

* Saw: King Kong, Fun with Dick and Jane, The Family Stone and Brokeback Mountain

* Saw the Off-Broadway show Mr. Marmalade. An odd show. LeeLee Sobieski sat 2 rows in front of me. She seemed to enjoy it -- or atleast was giddy with her pals.

* Checked out the new Morroccan restaurant in my hood -- Casbah Rouge. They have a live band and a belly dancer Wednesday nights. Food was tasty and a nice mix of drinks are available! Check it out!

*Watched the wild turkeys (12 of 'em) that come each day to eat the cracked corn that my folks lay out for them!

* Wrapped gifts for donations for the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless with the usual bunch up in Boston.
Yes -- those are MY family members doning the Santa Hats -- all Three of them!

* Decorated and baked Gingerbread blobians and Christmas cookies with my Niece for the first time. OK -- again -- Damn she's cute! See my favorite cookie she decorated... Eyes, nose, mouth, buttons and OF COURSE a button for the trousers! It sure did give the adults a chuckle!

* I've finished the back and about 1/3 of the front of the yummy 1957 cardi that I started over my holiday break (photos to come!)

* Helped a dear friend Carina who's in med school clean her new apartment...something that I don't think that apartment had had in 5 years! (or more!) We lugged hoovers and mops etc. uptown --- looked great when it was done!!

* Danced for 2 hours with my 2.75yr old niece - phew. See her dancing (left) in my big swirly wrap...she danced with it for HOURS. Even OB (Old Buzzard - hey - he chose that name!) got in on the action!

* Finished watching the BBC series Coupling -- so damned funny! It may be the first series I actually purchase to see over and over again!

* Stayed AWAY from my computer as much as possible (thus no blogging!)

Am ALMOST finished with the final box for my SP6 -- I am SO BEHIND on my fun stuff! I feel so bad -- but it'll be out before I dash to China next Thursday!

Tomorrow I launch my new lines in the US for Autumn/Winter 2006!! And I've already begun working on Spring/Summer 2007! Wow -- time just flies!!!

Keep those fingers crossed! Tomorrow I ALSO go to fight the big fight...hopefully the result will be an OK for me to hire an assistant!



Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

very cute pictures of the family... glad you survived the holidays. 6 first dates? is some sort of speed dating thing? or did you actually go out 6 different times?wow, you go girl!

8:34 AM

Anonymous ck said...

Kimberli...I have gotten a little behind on your blog so imagine my suprise at all the new/horrible/wonderful/exciting tales you have been spinning! Sorry to hear about the breakup (you seem to be handling it well and I hope that is the case)

The sex ed class floored me! I can't believe what a serious cultural difference exists even in 2006. Who knew. Glad you could help change some of the misinformation.

Best to you for 2006!

10:59 AM

Blogger bethanie said...

Yowza! you've been busy! Good for you though. It also sounds like a lot of fun. The cookie picture is hilarious!

7:21 AM

Anonymous Dani said...

I am exhausted reading about it all Kimberli!! Hope you have a safe trip!

10:45 PM


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