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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Flight Cancelled! Date Cancelled too!

After arriving at the airport with BELLS on to get home (I had a Thursday night date on tap.)
Hit the airport running...check in, drop bags...and check out the juice spot called Lovejuice (Not sure how the name would be reguarded in the US -- but it cracked me up! Opened by a Hispanic family -- I wonder if it's a direct translation?)

I'm on hour #8 in the MAXjet lounge here at the Stansted Airport in Stansted, UK...
The grand Business class deal my boss found (which is actually wonderful, I'm just living on 4hrs of sleep and little food yet) on the new airline MAXjet...well it has a broken part and...oooop...they only have ONE PLANE in the fleet!!!
And...being the UK...I had to put my knitting in the suitcase as it's not allowed in your carry on. Only the UK!
After many hours we just got confirmation that we've gotten a flight on EOS...which was supposed to leave at 6:30pm (a 9:30pm arrival) but they've been working to make it leave a few hours sooner...except now they think they cannot because of 2 people who are Kosher and thus we'll have to wait for special food to arrive... meanwhile these two folks are complaining THE MOST about being held up in the UK...don't they have a little wiggle room?
So...looks like I'll be missing my date... I called my date and he couldn't help but laugh! Unreal my luck.

I will, once again, for SURE miss the Nanette Lapore sample sale... argh... is SO MUCH FUN!


Blogger Melanie J. said...

All that down time and no knitting allowed?!?!?! I'd have gone twitchy! I'd have gone to duty free for a couple of pencils and some twine, 'cause a Vince Flynn book only cuts it for so long :)

9:56 AM


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