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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

UK - Whirlwind for Sure

In my fog the day I left, I didn't reset the settings on iTunes and plopped my iPod into its began to over write everything on there...and then I tripped over the cord...pulling it off the cradle...and wiping out the entire memory...
...Don't worry... I have the entire library doubly backed up on external drives... But having only an hour left before my departure...I could only drag and drop some albums.

The flight was lovely. We tested out MaxJet...which just began flying in the US November 1st. We flew into Stansted and are about to take the train into London. If the train is as easy as appears, this will become my new favorite way to London! MaxJet is all Business Class seating (since our budgetary restrictions only allow coach these days...even to China!!) and they offered up a competitive flight to our usual flight via Dublin (layover)... T'was a treat to be able to lay nearly flat and sleep! Waking up to prepare for landing, the sun was rising just above the cloud line where we were floating... Just beautiful...wish I'd had my camera handy. After a few lovely minutes watching the sun rise stretch across the sky with reds and oranges, we crossed through the cloud line into the murky darkness of Stansted.

Jet lag: something which makes one completely loose ones mind and gives it up to the sleep gods (if one's lucky!)

I was lucky.

After snoozing on a settee in the hotel lobby for two hours (very attractive!) I went to my room and fell fast asleep...
I awoke STARVING to see it was 8pm! (Good sleep!) I was slightly panicked as my boss had said he'd call to wake me at 5pm because he wanted to get a jump on the set up for the following days presentation.

Called my boss who said “did you see the notes under your door?”
“No, I'm still in bed.”
“Go look & call me back.” [click]

Being able to follow directions I got the notes and burst out laughing...

Let's go back a day in the not-so-way-back machine...
“Bernard, should I bring my external drive that has the entire project upon it?”
“Nah, I've got these.” Holding up a red paper bag containing 27 printed and bound books that i'd pulled an all-nighter preparing for this trip...

The the notes, on hotel envelopes read:
Envelope #1:
“Kim. ---------- DISASTER.

Envelope #2:
Back from Stanstead
There IS a God.
(This from the worlds least religious man!)

Upon calling him back I found that his brain had been as mushy as mine.
I had asked him about his red bag upon check in and he said something about it being in his black bag, so I thought he transferred them to his luggage so he could wheel them (because they were HEAVY!)
So...for a change, I didn't have to solve the problem...he didn't wake me and voila - they are in his room.
Apparently he woke from his sleep, sitting straight up thinking “where the hell are the catalogs!!!”

Never a dull moment...
After a lovely Morrocan dinnerwith Reiko (show right) and Bernard, we had a few drinks with our salesman (who are the lot in the photos all thru this entry) and a few hours of sleep. Up at 6am (1am NYC time) for breakfast and to set up the meeting...then I talked for a few hours, presented the new collection -- which was quite well recieved (yeah!) and we had drinks at Sandra's new flat! Thanks Sandra!!!


Anonymous marjorie said...

The MaxJet sounds good for a long flight. Hope you Ok in NY since there's now a big strike of buses and underground in NY.

10:41 PM


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