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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Yarn Company Boycot BACK ON!

Anyone who's read my posts over time may remember my growing distaste for the yarn shop that is located closest to me...The Yarn Company. Both times that I stopped in to spend my hard earned money on needles and needs I was snapped, snipped at and made feel most unwelcome. The second time I waited 15 minutes while the two owners were teaching a class. After 15 minutes, and many a glance from them both, they snapped at me "is there something we can help you with" in a very aggrivated tone. I just needed to buy a set of $35 circs that were behind the counter... I even had cash. I was made feel awful for even ASKING...
If you aren't available to sell goods because you are teaching a class, post it on the door and you won't be bothered!

Time passes and a dear friend of mine, Juliet, and new knitter, decides to stop in and walks out having been helped by an employee (not one of the two owners) who was very nice and told her to come on back with any questions. She dropped over $200 in yarn and was on her way to her first sweater. She told me of this experience and I was SHOCKED! Bravo! Perhaps I was wrong...

Then...Last night, after a few weeks had passed, sweater parts all done, she stopped in to ask for assistance with the neck. The owner was there and told her that THIS kind of help was only available at classes. Snapped at her in a "duh" tone that "she needed to sew up the sweater FIRST and then the neck could be done." These directions hadn't been written on the pattern that was bought from this store... how was she to know?
She asked if there were any weekend classes... she was snapped at "NO! Wednesday nights."
She asked to sign-up (and pay) for this Wednesday's class... and was told they are booked for a while.
My friend told her that this was a Christmas present and with the time left before Christmas she knows she could finish it with a little explanation help.
At this point the owner started to pitch the book that she'd written...
So...she can take 15 minutes to tell you how she can't help you & try to sell you her book... while in those 15 minutes she could have been well on her way to answering the question at hand.

With all of the friendly and helpful knitting shops and knitters in NYC... I certainly won't be giving them another chance. How rude! I'd be interested in hearing other peoples take on this place. I do know that the owners are snippy while they seem to hire kind staff... I just can't justify putting money into snippy peoples pockets.

So...Tonight I'll show her how to stitch it up and put on the neck ribbing.

After properly swatching... I cast on a new project last night...a wonderful cardi!
I'll post a photo soon!!!
The photoshoot went well (Mon-Wed) and now I'm racing thru the photo selection yeowza!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

for many years i have complained about the new owners.. part of the problem is that they were lawyers in their previous life.. so niceities are not part of their teachings.. ugh.. thanks for backing me up on my feelings:-) karola

10:32 AM

Blogger Melanie J. said...

That's a shame. Of the 2 independent shops down yonder (Jacksonville, FL), one is run by a former judge who's an absolute doll. With the popularity that needlework has been regaining of late, they only hurt themselves by being snotty.

11:23 AM

Blogger Lolly said...

That really is a shame - their popularity must have went straight to their heads. I hope your friend does not give up on knitting her sweater because of this experience.

6:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the info you gave on the Yarn Co. It's also my closest store, but I don't need that attitude.

Is there a yarn store you'd recommend?

Or a knitting group? I'm somewhat new in town and would love to meet other knitters.



10:21 PM

Anonymous marjorie said...

This kind of service is definitely not acceptable. There is a yarn shop in Mongkok near the train station where the sales would give you a 'look' if you don't buy anything. Eva just experienced that lately.

12:55 AM

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

i think a lot of shop owners are getting snooty! i hear about stores hear in houston that ssnub you right away until they see your basket getting full... go figure!

5:15 PM

Anonymous laurel said...

Yarn Co has had an attitude problem since before their (crappy) books were published and I avoid them completely now. I've literally been laughed at when I asked for a particular yarn, and one of the owners once argued with me about the needle size I wanted. I'd love for another yarn store to open on the UWS - don't you think it would do really well? Why are all the cool stores downtown? :-)

10:55 AM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

i went into that shop once a few years ago, and NEVER AGAIN. You know, you should open up your own shop! :-)

2:02 PM

Blogger Nik said...

I don't live in the area and fortunately, I do not have to buy from them.

Mean People Suck.

Boooooo to The Yarn Company.

2:34 PM

Blogger Sedie said...

It's so sad that they're that way. Don't they realize how much they need each one of us? I hope you have another yarn store, even if it isn't as close, that will be kinder and more helpful. I wouldn't give them my money either.

6:04 PM

Anonymous Celia said...

The first time I went to that store I felt the same way. I've only been in there 2 other times and it's still not a friendly environment.

2:54 PM

Anonymous kelly said...

i agree with you! these ladies are SO RUDE. i brought in a sweater that i was finishing to ask about zipper ideas--they made fun of it IN FRONT OF ME...i mean, first of all, it's a really cool sweater, adn secondly, it was my FIRST sweater ever.
i will NEVER go back.

4:22 PM


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