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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Lay it on ME!

What a busy but great week!
Work kept me most busy...but I hit a number of milestones and plowed right through them! Wooo-whooo!

Went to see Gabriel Byrne (Cornelious Melody) in A Touch of the Poet (written by Eugene O'Neill) with my friend and coworker Ramona. It was heavy...much heavie than I'd expected it to be. Mr. Byrne did an alright job...until he had to change accents from his gentleman's English to a rough Irish brogue. It really stuck out until he'd been using it for a few minutes...didn't help that a number of the characters had been speaking in a very GOOD brogue for the entire show.
I really did enjoy the performance by Emily Bergl (Sarah Melody) as the strong willed daughter.
This wouldn't be the first show I'd send you to in NYC by far.

This week also included 1 very fun date, 1 night out with friends playing backgammon (and testing out my hand knit backgammon board), dinner out with friends and many a snuggle with my ever growing long-tailed boys at home. On a sad kitty note, a dear friends' cat lost her struggle with cancer this week...always hard to loose a pet.

Today I reached an encouraging milestone at the gym --- got to raise the weight amounts as they were now too easy!!! Yippee!!! I have even more energy building as the days go on (yes -- it is possible, much to my friends amazement.)

I've been reading The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century... great book --- anyone interested in continueing to roll ahead in your career -- NO MATTER what it is that you do... you should be reading this book!
I have to pick up came highly reccomended to me this week.

Reading has taken over some of the knitting I would usually have been doing...well... more likely work has taken over more of the free time for the other things!

Ahhhh...the turkey soup is on the stove and it smells GREAT!!! It'll have to be packaged up for the freezer, some for lunch tomorrow...

Tonight's girls night out!! Dinner and fun!

Photoshoot fun (WORK!) hits full swing on Monday! Here we go again!
I had best get back to my paperwork/planning on this weeks shoot!
Cheers all - Happy Weekend!


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

i am so sorry you lost a pet to cancer..... was she in pain? it is hard to loose a friend.

9:48 AM


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