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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fine Endings and Good Beginnings

Knitting News Bulletin...
I REMEMBERED the BUTTONHOLE...WITHOUT any FROGGING!!! Of course, it was yesterday and it was only because I used my morning gym time to knit...but I was super achey from overdoing it the day before damn weights.)
Now back to the regularly scheduled China update...

Last night we journeyed to our usual late night Dim Sum spot...but for the first time ever we had the "GOOD TEA" service.

Simply put, a higher grade of tea that is made about a cup and a half at a time, tableside, so that it doesn't sit and turn bitter.

Really nice.
I need to get one of these sets.
Yummy yum yum.

I awoke this morning and sprang out of bed (I know - I was shocked too!) I'm not a morning person...

10 minutes later I was here -------->
treadmilling myself into a sweat.

I know, sounds attractive... but... GO ME! That's three out of four days at the gym so far this trip. (Rah rah rah!)

My work is rolling along... Designs are starting to come together. Bits and pieces at a time.

Listening to as I trim, trim, trash and trim:


After much searching -- I found an answer to a question posed to me off-blog...
Only problem is - I can't find the email -- so -- to the Reader that asked where they could get the aht in this photo...a version of it is available HERE for $12.99 (+ S&H)'s the version with the floral inset... which is also cute!
The hat is from a few seasons ago... sorry it took so long! I was lucky to find any available.


Blogger Celia said...

I do like the way the Chinese do tea. It is an art.

9:53 AM

Anonymous Dani said...

Go you on the exercise roll!!!

That tea set is wonderful, my mom had a set, and used it ALL the time - wish I knew what happened to it =(

7:14 PM


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