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Monday, January 24, 2005

Long night last night - worked until 1am (after midnight the night before.) Phew. Got some good stuff done though.

Lunchtime today we had an interesting conversation, as always, about food (as always!) They'd never heard of Fondue. So, after a long description - now they want to try it. So, I sit here and try to think of a recipe that i can either get all ingredients for here on my March return trip...or those I can bring with me...
Any ideas out there? Lemme hear them!

I head out of China tomorrow in the afternoon and head to Hong Kong.
Mag and I are going to a restaurant called Aqua tomorrow night. Schmancy! "Addictive cuisines" and "uber glam bar" are on the business card...
check out the website -- it's cool!

Then **drumroll**, Wednesday night I meet with the Hong Kong Knitters Yeah!!!!
I got only 3 rows on my fingerless gloves done today.

My darn blackberry was beeping and tooting like crazy on my ride to the factory -- knowing I'd be up and able to answer questions.
Yep - BG is back in NYC and emailing me like crazy! Ooof!
Back to work I go!


Blogger mrspilkington said...

oooh fondue! i'll try to think of something, recipe-wise. hope you've gotten a little rest. have a great trip!

7:39 PM

Blogger Boo! said...

re: Fondue
The best is cheese and leek sauce and dipping in bits of toasted baguette (or similar). The easiest would be chocolate sauce (dark chocolate, cream, butter) and dipping ameretti biscuits or chunks of strawberry, pineapple and cherries - yum!

I once spent CNY with chinese friends who cooked chunks of fish and chicken in a sort of broth in the centre of the table - surely that's just one step away from a fondue!

11:14 AM


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