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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


After venting my frustrations this morning (see blog below), I got some lovely confirmation emails for a FUN EVENT in HONG KONG next week! What's this?
I'll be meeting with 3 lovely ladies that I've been corresponding with in the knitting world that live in HK for a mini-stitch-n-bitch ---- Hong Kong style!
Yeah! How FUN! FUN! FUN! There's also talk of visiting a YARN SHOP on HK Island -- oooh -- I just KNOW I'm going to have to buy a small bag! Darn me for packing so light in a small bag for 3 weeks away!

I'll post photos - PROMISE!
Back to work I go!

They all do LOVELY WORK!
Check out their blogs too (In order of how I've emailed with them!)

Little Purl of the Orient
Eva's Knitting Journal
HK Knitter


Blogger Lauren said...

Wow wow! That sounds like a blast! How long are you going to be in Hong Kong?

Have a great time, and can't wait to see the pics!

8:08 AM


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