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Monday, January 17, 2005


Good Morning all! I'm sure you all have heard that Former Chinese Communist Party chief Zhao Ziyang died yesterday. If you've watch CNN, BBC or even CBS at all, you've seen a story about it.
It's been written in newspapers from The South China MOrning Post in Hong Kong to USA Today to The Guardian in the UK...
but it hasn't been formally announced in China for fear of revolt and upset by the Chinese people. It's on Hong Kong TV that is shown in China (Satalite) but not a word on the China TV or in the China newspaper (English or Chines according to my friend here, Mag.) There were a FEW websites with it posted, but they were ordered to take the story down very quickly.

This upsets me. Zhao Ziyang was condemned to house arrest as of May 19, 1989, for having gone to Tiananmen Square to warn the peaceful demonstrators that there were troops coming that would cause them harm. So, he was forced out of his career, his life - his world for having been humaine...isn't that what our leaders are supposed to humaine?

It looks like the analysts are right - he was to early for his time.

From, "Zhao was rarely allowed to step out, except to play occasional rounds of golf. Even out of power in his twilight years, he remained a threat to the leaders who followed him."

His Daughter was quoted today as having said, "Finally he is free."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is so....odd/sad/wrong/better word.
SO strange that the control is hard to imagine a country keeping it's people in the dark..but I'm sure it happens SO much!
Yes, he does sound like the right type of leader...but unfortunately a threat to those who weren't.

12:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

forgot to say that was from me-

12:56 AM

Blogger Lauren said...

Anytime that the government tries to control the free flow of information, scary things happen... damn censorship. Stay safe, Kimberli.

8:06 AM


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