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Thursday, January 20, 2005


The internet connection here in China has been down all day === why? Just because.

Last night we had invited the gals: Min, A-Sau and Fanny to join Mag, Bernard and myself for dinner at the Japanese restaurant in the hotel. Min and A-Sau had joined us on a prior visit, but this was Fanny's first time having Japanese food. Mag joins me for dinner every night on these trips and we have become good friends over the years. Bernard is the top dog of top dogs in my company - and we always (98%) have fun! We FEASTED in our own Habachi room! Yum!

Then, Bernard treated us all to a foot massage at the spa next door to the hotel.
I should've taken more photos -- but I got wrapped up in the yumy massage!

First they ask you what type of foot soak you want. Some options are Ginsing, rose, herbal mix (to promote good sleep)<--- I chose this one.

The chairs in which we sit are BIG (see Asau sitting up in her's waiting for her order to be taken.) We all sit in one section -- six of us, six chairs, six massage-gals.

Here you see my feet in my blue squwooshy bath. There is this gooshy jelly-bead stuff in the blue liquid. It feels great between my toes. The water is HOT!

Min has a different soak - it's brown. That's BG (Bernard) in the side of the picture.

First they ask us to sit on the ottoman so they can rub our backs while our feet soak. Mine was, as usual - a knotted mess. Here is Mag laughing at a loke that was told. I didn't get was told in Chinese and lost the humour when it was translated.

When our backs are done, they plop us back around into our chairs -- which lay you way back, and rub our arms and hands down --- mmmmmm.
Then they work on your feet and finally your legs.

If I had the time - I'd go every night! It's around $5 US!!! For about 1.5 hours!!
I feel a bit guilty that it's so affordable -- but it's considered a lot by local standards. These ladies not only have gained great employment, but have gained a great skill set. Very valuable here!

Now I'm at the office as I write this --- and can't wait until I can try it again. Hopefully I'll get my work done one more night at a reasonable hour!


Blogger Lauren said...

Oh wow! That looks so fun and relaxing! That foot bath looks nice. Thanks for sharing your pics :)

7:19 AM

Blogger mrspilkington said...

the foot massage looks and sounds amazing! i will stomp around in the snow for you.

7:24 AM


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