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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Hi all! It's CRAB DAY - yeah! I love crab day. What's crab day? Well, we have crab at lunch -- not just crab...CRAB!!! Crab curry, steamed Crab, crab with ginger and scallions...get the point? YUMMY! I'll post photos after lunch!

Mag overslept this morning...thus my pick-up at the hotel was delayed by about an hour. Some of you could look at that as a bummer since I worked until midnight last ngiht and wa in bed at 1am and I dragged my sorry butt out of bed this morning...
BUT instead i choose to look at it as an extra hour I got of sitting in the looming lobby of the hotel in the sunshine knitting my heart out. The looks I get in China when I KIP are precious. The ladies working at the hotel all try to get the closest look they can without letting me know they were looking -- too funny. The male Asian patrons give a confused look usually, and the male Western patrons usually make a comment that it reminds them of home because their wife/mother/sister/grandmother knits. In 5 years I've only seen 2 other Western female patrons...I wasn't knitting either time.
So - I got the calculations done for the increase for the gusset on my fingerless gloves in the sunny comfort of the leather laiden lobby rather than trying to concentrate on the bumpidy ride to the factory.

More importantly --
my BF has a brandy new BLOG:
Dmitheaon's Bucket of Projects.
Apparently I've sucked him in to BLOGVILLE! Yeah!
Knitters...You have to go check it out and leave him an encouraging note! His first post details out his first KNITTING PROJECT! It's cute, even if you aren't his GF, I promise.
First Project: A hat he made his Mom for Christmas! :-)
Yes, I taught my BF to knit this fall. He became intersted in it's allure after watching me for hours on end giddy as a school girl at a cool pattern that I'd try to explain to him ...and he finally decided he needed to know WHY "it" was SO COOL! And ... VOILA! :-)

I'm hearing on IM that SNL is a laugh riot tonight...

OK - back to work -- syncronize watches...crab time in 1.5 hours and counting!
Oh - thanks Dmitri for the photos of the snow falling...can't wait for tomorrows with the final accumulation...the gals here loved them! All photos welcome!


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