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Friday, July 13, 2007

Ready? Set? TV!

I've just arrived in San Diego tonight! Yeah!

I'll be doing a Fox 6 TV spot this coming morning (some time between 7:55 and 8:45am) and another on NBC 7/39 on Saturday morning around the same time, followed by a trunk show on Saturday at The Village Hat Shop here in San Diego.


Unfortunately I've arrived to find that the HATS I'm supposed to show in 8 hours are not here due to a "Mechanical Error" with FedEx's airplanes. No, I got no notice and even their website had them as "on time for delivery at 3pm" today when I checked it from the office and airport.

So - I'm now off to bed to start making more calls (on top of the45 minutes already in to FedEx) at 4am to have them get the hats from the airport ramp here in San Diego to ME in time!!!

Keep those fingers crossed!!!
Atleast I got some sock knitting in on the plane -- that was relaxing!

***UPDATE 9am***

I called back FedEx at 4am and tracked down their District Engineer at the facility, when it opened to start searching for these boxes.
I called. They looked. I was told to call back at 5am. I called they were looking.
I was told to call back at 6am. I called - and now looked like they "found the can (container)" it's in and were "peeling the top off now" and I might have them by 7am... According to the manager at the site.

At 6:50am they called & had just dispatched someone with 3 out of 4 boxes.
7:15am - FedEx truck pulls up...I got the hats but no hat stands, hopped into the car my friends were loaning me and dashed to the TV station. Zooooom!

Arrived JUST in time and before I knew it...voilá I was done.

Hopefully the stands will arrive today for tomorrow's spot!

So, 3-4 hours of sleep an upset stomach and a TV interview later... I'm sitting, having my coffee.

Worst case I guess I would have pulled all the dressy hatsi've passed to my friend over these years and used them. I certainly wasn't about to show up empty-handed!

Back to work! Time to plan out the next collection...Autumn/Winter 2008!

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Blogger SandraTee said...

Saw the piece on the internet - nice hats! I wore the pink Betmar sunhat to a KY Derby party a while back.

9:25 AM


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