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Friday, June 29, 2007

Beach Calling
I dashed from the office, packed, food shopped and hopped the early train to get me out to Bay Shore, Long Island to catch the ferry with Allegra to Fair Harbor for the weekend.

Why the early train

I needed THIS: Steamers from Nick's Clam shack. They are SO GOOD!!!

I was ordered and awaiting their delivery when Allegra arrived. Sadly she's allergic to shellfish and simply could comment on how good they smelled.

The sun treated us to quite a show on the bay side while on the ferry ride out and before we knew it we were relaxing with a plate of dinner (a simple pasta with zucchini, tomatos and basil) and a nice glass of wine enjoying an evening of girl talk.

We took our last glasses of wine for a walk down to the beach on the ocean side of the island and saw THIS:
How beautiful!
Tomorrow marks the full moon!
We'll have to come back and look!

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Anonymous Dani said...

Oh sure NOW you head out to Bay Shore! I see how ya are, wait till I move 700 miles away to come to my stomping grounds ;-)

10:12 PM


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