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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Launch Launched
Today, although a very LONG day, was a good day indeed.

It's always so nice to see the folks that come. Some of them I've become friends with over the years and wish I could see them more often.

On our way at 7:30am to unpack 60+ cartons (the stack shown int he background of the photo below) of product for the 10am meeting. We complete it by 9:25am and Joanne and I popped out for a little breakfast. My first proper English breakfast of the trip. Why don't we serve mushrooms and grilled tomatos for breakfast in the US? Yum!

Nearly nine hours later my presentation was complete and the details of what would be offered in the UK and across Europe were settled and it was time to pack it all up! The samples get split and sent to the two agents that will begin selling first.
Everything is packed up, products that won't be run overseas packed for return to the US and voila - it's time for the company dinner!

We had the dinner this time at The Hoxton Grill at the Hoxton Hotel. The food was quite good in fact! I had a green pea soup (as in fresh peas not split peas.) I burned my tongue on the first bite though -- I'd never had this soup served HOT. I expected it to be cold. It was still good - although I think I may have preferred it cold. My Lamb - YUM! Sandra's Salmon Cakes looked delicious too! The Puddings varied from Pavlova and Trifle to a yummy Lemon Tart with fresh Blackberry Ice Cream.

Thanks to the entire team!! Good fun and a great meeting! See you all in a few months!

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