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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wine and cheese

What's wrong with that?


What a great day. I finishe 2 deadlines, put in all of the expenses for the last 4.5 months (phew) and met Michelle at the Central Park Conservancy for "An Evening at the Garden"... Or line on up and drink your fill of good wine paired with Murry's cheese.
Um... YUM!
I'm hoping their website still has the pairings listed so I can write a few of them down.

Michelle introduced her friend Matt and we picked up a new friend, Tara, in line waiting for the yums. We need to take Tara to Artisinal. Seriously...and soon.

Stopping in at my apartment -- the first half of the floor is done -- beautiful!!!
Walls to still to go -- the sheetrock is replaced but yet to sand/paint.
Yeah!!! Bring it on!!! BBQ season beckons!!
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