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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Manufactured Landscapes

Tonight Dan and I went to see a beautiful film, Manufactured Landscapes at the Film Forum down on West Houston. Thank You Simon for letting us know, from the West Coast no less, that it was playing.
We could easily see why it has won so many awards. Jennifer Baichwal directed this visually stimulating film documenting the large-scale photography by artist Edward Burtynsky.

In this film Burtynsky is followed through China as he documents its ongoing industrial revolution without judgement. The opening scene shows you an endless factory setting the stage. He also journeys to Bangladesh briefly where the ship breaking photos are amazing! You see photos of the Three Gorges Dam in China from 2004 under construction. I could go on and on... Dan bought the book of the same name that was being sold at the cinema.

Throughout the film you aren't told whether he thinks the developments photographed are good or bad, allowing you to make your own decisions and showing you a view that you would otherwise likely never see.

It's showing at the Film Forum through July 3rd. If you're in NYC, go! See it! If you're not in NYC, keep an eye out for it!

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After the show we had a quick bite at Mekong (Vietnamese) around the corner.


16-18 King Street

New York, NY 10011

(212) 343-8169

The food was served quickly by a friendly staff, even though we were the last patrons of the night. I never felt rushed. Their pho was tasty (3 of 5 stars), their fried pork dumplings were yummy (3 of 5 stars) and the grilled duck Dan ordered ranked the same leaving it at a middle 3 star rating. They made a good iced tea lemonade too that hit the spot as we sat out cafe style street-side.

All-in-all a lovely quick meal after a visual feast!

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