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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More FUN

With my new camera at the ready, I've been taking more and more photos! My Flickr Page is getting increasingly full (and I have so many photos from my March/April journey still to edit and add!

These past few days I've been playing with taking Macro photos in the garden.

I love looking at the little things from the garden, blown up to a large size!

More images can be found HERE.

Back to the garden before I head to work! Only 2 more days in town! Oh, and they should have my apartment back together with the furniture moved in before I dash to China on Monday! This means I can move back in after I return from China!!! Yeah!!!

I'm dying to get to my sewing machine! I've lost so much weight that I have a TON of tailoring to do so that I can make use of my clothing!!!!

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