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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I'm still in shock that NO ONE in the last two months mentioned to either Dan, my boss Bernard or myself that a visa would be needed for entry into India. I know when people tell me they are going to China it's the first thing I tell them... "make sure you take care and time to get your visa!!" My boss is still shaking his head in disbelief!

I'm also shocked that BOTH of the travel guides that I have for Mumbai have the listing of needing a visa hidden in the back of the book --- FYI editors --- that's front page information.

UPDATE from this morning's post below:

** For the record... you no longer need FOUR passport photos -- one will suffice.

** Although it's not mentioned ANYWHERE in the guidelines, if you are aiming for a ten year business visa, be sure to bring a letter from your company stating that you really are doing work there -- and be sure it's on your company letterhead... if not -- you'll get a 1 year visa like I did and get to go see the nice folks at the consulate again next year.

Looks like Dan will need to spend his spare two days back in Johannesburg (he was there already this trip) getting his Visa, rather than exploring Mumbai, India for two extra days before I arrive... too bad... but I guess it's better than other options (like not being able to get into India!) He'll now get there 2 hours after I do rather than 2 days before.

Off to pick up my passport with my frosty new Visa -- keep those fingers crossed that it's all in good order!

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