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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who takes the 5:45am flight in Sunday?

That Guy...he figured it was a Saturday night and he would just drink until 3am and then head the the airport. Everyone is praying they aren't sitting next to him as he reeeeeks of stale beer. He's also the one likely to get air sick.

The Retired Island Hoppers...they've been to 4 islands so far this year and the 5:45am flight allows them to be on the beach by noon as not to loose that tan.

The Home Going Fellow... He arrives at the airport in flip flops, shorts and a tanktop...yes it's 24F here in New York. Makes me wonder if he lives in PR and is going home, or if he's visiting?

The Vacationing Family...5 kids (ranging in age from infant to 12) and 2 adults... The kids are near comatose...don't worry, they'll wake up on the flight when you're trying to sleep.

And Me - Toni & Pete's wedding here I come!!

I didn't bring my laptop, but it looks like I can post from my Blackberry and add photos later!

Oooh - Dunkin' Donuts is OPEN!
Further showing why I love them!
Coffee and the Spring Interweave Knits Magazine...I picked a project from it (the cover) to knit in Bamboo yarn on the trip...but haven't read it...

Does it get any better than this (at 4:30am on a Sunday)?

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