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Sunday, February 25, 2007

PR - I'm here!

I spent a portion of the trip frogging the one skein wonder I'd almost finished with the bamboo yarn. (I need all 10 skeins for the sweater I'm going to make!) A little girl watched with great interest as I ripped it all out and wound it up. I can just picture her unraveling a sweater of her own while her Mom find her mid-frogging.

Upon landing -- I picked up my 4-door Toyota and was OFF! I flew into Aguadilla, the airport on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico. If you are flying to PR to surf or hang out in Rincon, I can't reccomend this airport enough -- it's over 2 and a half hours closer to Rincon than the San Juan airport.

As I wound through the back roads on the directions list, I happened upon a Volkswagen rally. Sadly by the time the traffic lifted I only had time to take this one shot... there were some amazingly tricked out cars and some wonderful airbrushed scenes like this one of the Mystery Machine I just really wanted to get to the Red Parrot Inn and settle in.

After arrival I was met by Toni and her in-laws for a ride to the supermarket to stock up on some snacks, water etc for the days ahead. From here I drove over to the resort where the in-laws were staying and where the wedding would be. Beautiful (but $$$...I chose to spend my money on other things and stay at the Red Parrot -- over $100/night cheaper!)

After lounging by the pool (that's the bride, Toni, as beautiful as ever) with everyone, having a snack and swimming in the ocean, Toni and her daughter and I drove over to her grandmother's house back near the center of Rincon.

Toni's grandmother is WONDERFUL! We hit it off right away. She tried to convince me that I was her long lost twin. Quite a feit since she's 95!
Her house is very special, with 3 bedrooms in the main house plus the cottage out back and the extra room under the house. You can sleep at least 10 in that house! I loved the view from the roof -- I was able to catch the sunset (shown below). Beautiful!
It was a lovely first day finished with a tasty meal back at the Lazy Parrot's restaurant, Smilin' Joe's. Really tasty goat cheese salad (with dried cranberries and almonds!) Yum!
Time for an early turn in! More fun tomorrow!

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