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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Who Knew

that I'm a bleeder? That's what my doc said after the first one...
Yesterday I got my travel shots...something that I haven't needed to do since I went to the USSR in high school. I can talk to a crowd of thousands, run a company, jump in and run with whatever is needed...but the sight of a needle for shots... I'm all whooosey!
Silly? Yes. Then begins the inner dialog...the fight between logic and emotion.

Two of them burned as they entered my shoulder... before I knew it I was lying on my back with the dizzies chanting "better this than Typhoid Fever"..."Better this than Polio"... etc...
Yes, I'm a wuss...but I'm not a fool!

Although Typhoid isn't so easy to get, I don't want to have to avoid street foods in Sri Lanka because I didn't get a shot.
Yippee, these combined with the Malaria pills and I'm ready to go!
Beware that your arm is left "heavy" that first day and you awake with a quite painful shoulder the next day (there is one direction that it's still near impossible to move it in), but this will pass.
Now to finish packing for Puerto Rico! It's been harder than you might think...I've now lost 18/19lbs...and I haven't been this size in warm weather in...4+ years!! So I've been digging out the boxes of my favorite things that I've stored in my downstairs closet for years. I ALMOST donated them all this last summer! Thankfully I didn't! It's like shopping! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

Reminds me of when I was a child and I'd grow to the next size. Mom would send me to "the big closet", a super deep closet whose floor housed bags of clothing organized by size that she'd purchased at yard sales or the local thrift store, often on bag day. Are there any thrift stores out there that still have a bag day, where you pay a set price and you fill the bag to the tippety top? It sure was a wonderful way for my Mom to dress my brother and I at a reasonable price!!!

OK - back to errands...15 hours until I leave for the airport for Puerto Rico!!
I still haven't selected my beach knitting project!!! Gotta go!!

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