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Monday, February 19, 2007

Max Brenner's & Patsy's oh my!

I was so very upset last spring when I went to go for my usual Max Brenner's (The Bald Man) chocolate fondue at Harrod's in London...and it was GONE!! GONE!! Harrod's had put in "Harrod's Chocolate Cafe" - blah. Not as good I tell ya.

I found out soon after that Max Brenner's had FINALLY arrived in NYC! PHEW! Visiting the Bald Man and picking up a box of chocolates here should be a mandatory stop on anyone's list when visiting NYC.

Today, being President's Day and thus one of the few and rare days off, Jo and the visiting Rafael joined me for lunch at Max Brenner's. Both of my dining partners opted for the specialty waffles with the likes of ham, asparagus, cheese etc. on top served with a yummy sauce (lower two food shots), while I had a version of a Croque Monsier with a wonderful honey mustard. The most important part ws only eatting HALF of the sandwich to leave room for THIS:
The chocolate fondue "for two" complete with banana, strawberries, banana bread and marshmallows. The flame was to cook the marshmallows prior to dipping. We three shared it and were sad to see so much of the yummy dark chocolate dipping sauce left over. You do have the choice of taking two different sauces (white, milk or dark), but we all didn't want to soil the flavour of the dark chocolate with another sauce.

After spending the afternoon waiting for Dan's property managment rep (for his upcoming apartment) -- how do they think that your time is free and that they can make you wait for MORE THAN AN HOUR at a time?? Especially when the thing they needed you for took literally - 2 minutes. TWO! Ugh...

I was glad to be able to join last nights crew for dinner at Patsy's. I'd brought Jo here a few weeks ago, but this was both Rafael and Emmanuel's first times. More people means more dishes to share. Yum yum yum! The trick is not to over eat. I've gotten pretty good at stopping when I'm full! Yeah!!! Let's hope I can continue this through all of my travels ahead!!

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