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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What do you do when you are greeted as you rise by a chocolate brown cat, soaked to the bone, leaving a wet and blackened ring on the ivory couch?

Find the leak!!!

In this case it was some filth that was leaching up INTO my downstairs bathtub that houses the litterbox. What? Er? I'm also trying to picture my sweet Coco falling in...he's the only cat I've ever had that has horrible balance!

To the plumber! Well...after waiting for much of the day the plumber came to me! Thankfully he was able to fix it! See...this is a reason that I'm not so upset to be renting rather than owning. One little call to the property management office and voila!

After that had passed, and I'd put in my days work from home, I walked to the post office to collect the mail I'd had held while I'd been in Seattle and Asia. Apparently, although you can only hold mail for 30 days online, you can ask your mail carrier to extend this! I'll be trying it on the "big trip" in a few weeks! I'll let you know how it works.

The best news of the day is the aquiring of my NEW CAMERA! Yeah!!! I figured since I'm about to embark on 4 new cities in 2 months, I'd best have a proper camera. Now in this case, by proper camera, I mean one that is small enough to fit in a cocktail glitzy handbag, but still take amazing photos and stila llow me to change the ISO etc. So, what'd I decide upon? The Cannon SD800! I'll contintue to let you know what I think of it as I learn how to best use it!

CARNIVAL! Tonight was the dinner at Sushi Samba 7 to celebrate Carnival! Both Sushi Samba locations in NYC are Japanese/Brazilian...and both are YUMMY! Having tried "7" tonight rather than the loacation I usually go to "Park", I find that I prefer "Park." Although I know "7" has a roof deck that's open in the warm weather. Yes, I had to play with my new camera from the moment I sat down at the bar awaiting my friends. I love the photo of the ginger and peppers. I also love the fact that the bar at Sushi Samba makes drinks using both of these fresh ingredients!

We all seemed to enjoy the food...there was no food left on anyones plate! From the 4 different ceviches on the platter to the miso sea bass to the special sushi roll of the night (yum!)

There wasn't a bad choice in the group! Of course, we weren't here JUST for the great grub! We were here to see the Carnival dancers and drummers!! They started the show at around 9pm and danced for about 15 minutes. Wow can those girls shake it to that very VERY fast paced drum and whistle music! Yeowza! Emmanuel borrowed my new camera and chased after the dancers for some photos as they danced on the pther side of the restaurant. His photos looked like this one (right). See, his wife caught him in some sort of euphoria over it! Funny how all of the shots I took were from the front and all of his from the back.

After I took a few shots, one of the two dancers pulled me up for a dance and Ho, a freind of Jo and Emmanuel's that joined us tonight, was nice enough to snap a shot of us.

I see to slowly be meeting the vast friendship network of Jo and Emmanuel's that wil also be making the journey to Paris for the wedding! Fun!
Old friends and new, we all had a fun evening!! Thanks for joining me all!

Since Sushi Samba 7 is downtown, I had a bit of time to pull out the knitting once on the subway! I'm still working on my version of "Argosy" from the 2006 Winter Knitty. (I had to alter the pattern, it wasn't symetrical!)

Yarn: Reynold's Odyssey
Type: 100% Merino Wool
Color-Lot: 504-457/24
Where bought yarn: Hong Kong

Allegra - FEEL BETTER! Michelle - my thoughts are with you and your family! We missed you both tonight! Hugs all around!

PS - Drop me a comment and let me know if the above "slide" show is viewable. I can view it on my laptop but it doesn't seem to load on my desk top. Trying to decide if i should continue to use it. If it doesn't work for you - you can click the "view all images" button and a window will open showing them. Cheers!

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