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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh that little dog!

What fun! I was able to score some last minute Broadway show tickets ($3 each!!) for The Little Dog Laughed (with Julie White, Tom Everett Scott, Ari Graynor and Johnny Galecki (yes, the fellow currently on My Boys!)) for tonight! Jo and Emmanuel were able to join Dan and I - Yeah! Appropriately and simply described on their website as: "An agent on the phone. A movie star on the rise. A hustler on the prowl."

The various monologues performed by the lead female were wonderful! She grabbed your attention and didn't let go for a second!

I think seeing Jo's face at intermission, a bit surprised at the full nudity (both Scott and Galecki)...that was seen at the end of Act 1, well, that made my night. Apparently you wouldn't see anything like that on stage in Singapore. Ever. Meanwhile the man (in his late 40s) sitting behind me was heard telling his wife, "I know they said brief moments of full nudity with homosexual overtones would be seen during this show...but I assumed it would be WOMEN!"
His wife snickered and commented that she'd "thought it was just fine."

No, the nudity wasn't the point of the show - it was very brief - over almost before you realized they were nude, but it was funny to hear the buzz in the crowd.

If you can catch it during its run - do so! I enjoyed it! (I think we all did!)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... I'm moving right along with knitting secret project #1 that I'd begun last fall... only a few weeks to finish! Phew!

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