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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Joe's in Town!!
It's quite rare that I get to see so much of Joe, especially after having just had our annual Christmas visit. But - since he's on winter break from law school, he decided to pop down to NYC to visit.

We miss having Joe in NYC!

This also meant that Josh came out of hiding! Josh and Joe and I went to High School together, so being with them is like coming home again. Their humor and jokes are the same 20 years later!

Jo and Emmanuel has suggested we try dinner for the entire crew the day I left for Rhode Island. It took them a while to get here with Jo's is healing though! Phew!! It's also so cold outside! Winter is finally coming! (I hope people race out to buy hats!)

I hadn't seen Josh (right) in a stupidly long time considering we live in the same city. But, life has us both running fast and our stops don't line up nearly often enough. I'm pleased to see him so happy in life these days. Happy in love and enjoying his new job. Yeah!!!

The food at Awash was yummy! Josh and Joe had never had Ethiopian food, so they took our recommendations and we all dove in! YUM!!! The mixed platters were large enough for two, so Josh and I split one. Yum!!

From Awash, we wandered over to Henry's for a drink in the bar. I love Henry's. The dark wood bar, the nice staff. It's just a comfortable spot. As you can see below, we had some laughs for sure! After a drink we let the boys head downtown to continue their night of who-knows-what (my guess is a video game marathon since they were roommates for years!)
It was good to see you Joe! We're hoping you take a job in a NYC law firm!

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