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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Old Friends
DeJay and I planned this weekend getaway almost 3 months ago and it's finally here!
We have always been great road trip partners and this trip was no acception!

We hopped in the car Friday evening and scooted down to Maryland to visit our old college pal Joe, his fun wife Kristina and their son James. Here we see We 3 (Deej is talking the photo) with some beverages of choice... OK OK, so maybe that's wishful thinking on Kristina's part as she's due to give birth to PJ ANY DAY NOW (we wondered if it might happen during our visit in fact!)

And of course they are such old dear friends that I could pull out my knitting to work on (Deej was working on a beautiful crochet baby blanket! She makes the nicest crochet items!)

After a good nights sleep we journeyed into Annapolis to walk around town and have some lunch. Phillip's provided the best crab cakes I've ever had!!! As well as a shot of James in all of his holiday glory!!

We went from there to food shop and I made dinner for all, just like the old times! DJ hopped in as my right hand and before we new it...voila!
Yum was had by all!!!

Thanks all for a wonderful weekend!!!


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