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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Game Night!!!

My friend AvaD held her CraftyClubhouse per usual this weekend and has some great photos posted! One of these days I'll make out to the end of the Island to join in on the fun!!

Meanwhile, I spent my afternoon cleaning and decluttering while Dan was in Brooklyn studying away (1 week until the GREs!) I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished today!! Yeah! (But there's so much more to do!!!)

Allegra and Alex came over in the evening to join Dan and I for Game Night. Although it was a smaller turn out than I'd expected but I'm NOT complaining because we had a GREAT time!! After a bowl of homemade Smokey Escarole Soup (it cooked while I cleaned), Dan made tasty Vodka Gimlets to go with the variety of snacks lain out to pick at.

Here we see Allegra who won the game - Apples to Apples - with her 8 points. At which point the guys said they meant 12 points... so then you see Allegra holding her 12 which time Alex said "14 points!!"... and yes - then you see Allegra with 14 points! You go girl!!

I can't wait until next time! Allegra - have a safe trip through Asia! One of these days we'll actually be there at the SAME TIME!


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