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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fashion Saturday!

After a fun night last night out with DJ I pulled myself out of bed (how am I living these days on 6hrs of sleep a night?) and dashed to Mid Town to catch a fashion show in Bryant Park. I had the tickets so I had to get there fast!!!

My friend Ian (PR god) must have pulled some fabulous strings with his connections to get the space in Bryant Parks' Fashion Week! The show was very good, showcasing some great young and fresh talent -- grads from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. My favorite collection I show above -- wonderful knitwear made with organic wool.

Jo, Emanuel and Michelle were all able to join me - Yeah. Sadly a few friends were ill and unable to make it. I ended up having 7 extra tickets in my pocket...
Afterwards we jetted over to The Red Flame coffee shop for brunch, including some fun stories that had us all laughing (see loop below!) Then I headed to the office (where I am now in order to wrap up the last few things before flying off to Italy tomorrow. Whooooooooosh! So Glad Dan will be able to join me there in 5 days (after all of the work is done!!)


Blogger Deborah said...

Your adventures remind me of all the NY fun I had BC (before children). I lived in Park Slope and Jezebels was my hang out. Now I car pool and go to ladies' luncheons...

So keep up the flicks for us housewives in Jersey who need some vicarious NY fun!

10:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your soooooooooo in trouble. Dude. Next time think of your little bamm bamm in Upstate NY. I would of loved to go to fashion week.
I guess I just going to have to dress you up in your red latex outfit and whip you. To remind you that I am still alive. I hope your boyfriend does not get jealous of that comment. I tell you what. I will give both of you a whipping. But I think I need to do something both of you won't enjoy enough.

11:59 AM


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