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Monday, September 11, 2006

Finally Firenze
Monday started with sitting in the Frankfurt airport watching the sunrise thru the smokey haze (you can still smoke in this airport) awaiting my next flight to Florence.

The trip from Frankfurt to Florence was swift and I had a nice couple from Toronto seated next to me. After landing, Carla picked me up at the airport and we dashed to the hotel. A lovely 3 star spot called the Pitti Palace right at the end of the Ponte Vecchio. I unpacked, took a quick nap (1 hour bringing my sleep total to 4hrs) and headed out with my agent, Carla, to work. After bouncing around Scandicci for my first 2 appointments of the trip I was dropped back at my hotel for the night.

First I popped across the street to see Beatrice Gallo -- the lovely woman and yarn shop (self named) that opened across from my hotel a few years ago. She has some of the BEST yarns in one place that I've ever seen!!! Fantastic! I was too tired to concentrate and the yarns deserve proper attention so I decided to return another day.

Hungry, I went to an old favorite spot... Osteria Del Cinghiale Bianco for some fantastic food!

Upon being seated I saw only one couple there (it had just opened) was the couple that had sat next to me on the flight from Frankfurt to Florence! What are the odds?

Back to dinner... What did I have? Spaghettini alla citarra con ciliegini e pecorino romano (Homemade pasta with basil, vine ripe cherry tomatoes and fresh romano cheese !) Yum!
Followed by Tagliata con rucola e parmigiano (Sliced sirloin (pan seared) with parmigiano and arugala -- shown left!) Yum x2! Toss in the small pitcher of red Chianti that goes down like water - YUM YUM YUM! The tomatoes this season are AMAZING so I'm eating as many as I can!

This restaurant is a stop I always make...especially when I'm so tired as my hotel is at the end of the short road. Good food and close by to boot!

By 8:30pm I was sound asleep on my bed, lights still on...where I awoke at 3am. I did manage to fall back to sleep 2 hours later. Ahhh, jet-lag. Day 2 coming soon!


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