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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Let's Go Mets

What time is it? I have NO IDEA!!!
One day in town between European and Asian trips and my dear friend Dejay calls me up with an extra pair of METS tickets for today! Yeah! It's both Dan's and my first time at Shea Stadium! Convienent at only a subway ride and short walk to boot!!
I was even already wearing ORANGE so I blended right in! Yes, I'm holding large coffee -- for both staying awake and warmth (It was chillier than expected!!)

The Mets lost... but it was fun!!

Tomorrow it's off to China -- I'm bringing my Assistant to Asia for the first time! This means I'll likely be busier than EVER -- so we'll see if there's time for blogging!

I'll at the very least take photos and post upon my return in just over 2 weeks!


Blogger Jennifer said...

Yeah - Knitters at Mets games. Looks like a fun time.

5:27 AM


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