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Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm off
Have I said how much I love the blinds in my room? Their addition warmed up the entire room! I'm so glad Dan hung them for me. He did a wonderful job!

I was packed and ready to go when I awoke this morning. So we headed to one of my favorite places for breakfast! The Silver Moon Bakery - YUM! We sat outside in the sun in their seasonal cafe and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Weekday mornings the line can be long for take away service, but the wait is worth it! The price is average for NYC, but the taste is well above average! I recommend the chocolate croissants, and brioche and their granola if you are sitting in the cafe (that is what I had in fact!)
When colder weather hits they have a Capella groups come sing from time to time and bread making classes are offered as well.
Around the holidays they always have extra items fit for that holiday.
For a special treat, try their fruit tarts (well worth the price!) and don't forget to pick up a loaf or two of the fresh bread. The raisin nut bread makes great french toast.
Why I like them the best? They are closed on major holidays so even their employees get to spend them NOT at work! This also means plan ahead!

Off to Newark I go! Cheers!


Anonymous Dani said...

As always, sounds like you are having a great time, and whoshing around in typical Kimberli style *S* I love it!

Hope China is treating you well - I saw you were battling a lingering cough - any better?

Have fun!

7:39 AM


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