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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What can you say about Wednesday?

Today I brought my asst to the Chinese Consulate to learn the ropes on how to get a China Visa.
It's simple, but it helps to be walked through the process once.

Besides that we spent the day getting ready for the whirlwind trip ahead!
After the long day I dashed downtown on the bus to meet Dan for a movie.
We saw Casa de Areia (House of Sand) from Brazil (spoken in Portugese but subtitled in English.) It was quite beautiful...the views of the Brazillian dessert!! WOW!!... and I found it emotional at times, but dragged in parts too. The two main actresses did a good job I think. They each played multiple parts convincingly.

After the film we supped late at Greek Village Grill near Union Square. I had a wonderful plate of fresh grilled octopus and Dan had the red snapper, also grilled to perfection (although it was an entire snapper -- HUGE!!) I reccomend the grilled veggies over the steamed as a side, and I reccomend asking them to hold the eggplant. It wasn't prepared well and was all too bitter.
That said, the meal was Yum!! Some of the best Greek cuisine I've had in NYC. I'll go back!!


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